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We provide leading AI tools for product categorization, personalized product descriptions, buyer personas and finetuned chatbots.

Personalized product descriptions

Online stores are increasingly focusing on personalization as a pivotal strategy for outshining competitors and driving conversions.

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Learn how the integration of our AI-powered personalized descriptions service can enhance sales of your online store.

Product categorization

Highly accurate product categorization service allows you to enhance the shopping experience for your customers, making it easier for them to find what they need.

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Learn about ten primary benefits of product categorization

Buyer Personas

By using our advanced AI tool for assigning specific buyer personas to each product in your online catalog, you can gain unparalleled insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences.

Learn about 10 great benefits of using buyer personas for your business.

Finetuned models for chat (ChatGPT, other LLMs)

We provide development of finetuned ChatGPT on stores own data, allowing for better chatbot performance. Contact us on email for more information.

Taxonomy categorization, gender categorization, custom classifiers

We provide several categorization services, the main one is taxonomy categorization which classifies products into full category paths, e.g. "Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Baby & Toddler Clothing Accessories > Baby & Toddler Hats".

Our taxonomy categorization API has 5574 distinct categories and is applicable for most use cases. We support both Google Shopping and Shopify taxonomies. You can try it out here.

If you have your own, custom taxonomy / list of categories that you want to use, please send us the list to email [email protected] and we can prepare a custom classifier for you.

In addition to taxonomy categorizations, we also provide other categorizers, including gender categorization, which can improve conversions.

Boost Your Sales and Customer Loyalty with Precision Buyer Persona Mapping

In today's digital retail landscape, personalization is important, and 'Buyer Personas' can be a key tool for achieving this.

With a proprietary taxonomy of 7,912 detailed Buyer Personas, our advanced AI tool allows online store owners to assign specific personas to each product in their catalog, offering unprecedented insights into customer behavior and preferences.

When a customer makes a purchase, the items in their basket become valuable data points.

By associating these products with specific buyer personas, a dynamic customer profile is created. For example, a customer might align 70% with a 'Tech-Savvy Professional', 20% with a 'Budget-Conscious Student', and 10% with a 'Digital Photographer'.

Such granular insights are invaluable for marketers, enabling highly targeted interactions.

One way to boost your sales is combine this feature with our personalized description service, which generates tailored description for each buyer persona, learn more about it here.

Other benefits include customer profiling, improves product recommendations, personalizes marketing,optimizes pricing, enriches user experience, informs product development, facilitates data-driven decisions, increases customer loyalty, and provides a competitive edge.

Benefits of our API

An in-depth and accurate product categorization API with 5574 categories offers unparalleled precision in sorting and classifying products.

It greatly enhances user experience by simplifying product search, allowing users to navigate effortlessly across a vast array of items.

By ensuring that every product aligns precisely with a specific category, it reduces customer confusion and improves product discoverability.

Additionally, it aids in insightful business analytics, allowing retailers to understand buying patterns and trends more clearly.

This granularity of categorization is also beneficial for SEO purposes, making the website more search-friendly and increasing its visibility online.

Do you need tags for your products?

Product tags enhance the functionality of online stores in several ways. They aid in organizing inventory, making search and navigation simpler and more user-friendly.

Tags categorize items by specific attributes, enabling customers to quickly find what they need.

They also improve SEO, making products more discoverable by search engines. Personalized recommendations can be better facilitated through tags, increasing cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Furthermore, tags provide invaluable insights about customer preferences, enabling more effective merchandising strategies. Therefore, utilizing product tags can increase customer satisfaction, leading to higher sales and revenue.

Our company also provides automated tagging solution, you can learn more about our offer by visiting our website

Support for all major languages

We support classification of texts in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuegese, Japanese, Russian, Italian and many more languages.

Our ecommerce classification is available both as dashboard and as API. It is powering our other ecommerce platforms, including platform for searching online stores that are similar by product or by category.

Why the need for product categorization?

Improving user experience

Product classification offers more than meets the eye. It is not merely a system to organize your inventory; it's a tool that could significantly enhance your website's navigability, ensuring a smooth and efficient browsing experience for your visitors.

By structuring your products into clearly defined categories, you're creating a straightforward path for customers to locate their desired items without unnecessary hassle.

This kind of ease in navigation can be an influential factor in improving user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -> more visits by customers

But the benefits don't stop at user experience. The strength of our advanced product categorization API lies in its potential to enhance more than just the customer-facing aspects of your website.

It provides you with the capability to generate dynamic, diversified landing pages designed to hold the interest of visitors and search engines alike as part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

By organizing your website into clear, easy-to-navigate categories filled with relevant keywords, you stand a greater chance of improving your rankings on search engine results pages.

Efficient product categorization leads to better conversion and higher sales

Product categorization facilitates easier navigation, enables personalized recommendations, and improves searchability.

This enhances the user experience, boosts product discoverability, and drives higher sales by increasing conversion rates and customer engagement.


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